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Disney's Encanto

Screenshot 2021-10-18 195441.png

Disney's "Encanto" (2021)

Saludos familia! 
I'm so excited to share with you guys the work I did on some of the shots I helped light and bring to life! It may not be all of the shots I worked on but I'm glad to share some! 


I began my lighting journey as a Lighting Trainee/Apprentice at Walt Disney Animation Studios 2021. During this time I was able to light various shots on the film and grow my eye as an artist along the way! 


Screenshot 2022-02-01 003232.png

This was the very first shot I was given as a Lighting Apprentice. It meant a lot knowing that my supervisor had so much faith in me and knew that I would be able to handle the first of many to come. 


Here I was able to explore the wonders of lighting a very beautiful bright and sunny day on Mirabel. Some challenges that arose from this one was finding a nice balance of her glasses being visible to the audience and making sure the environment matched the surrounding shots while not stealing away our main focus of the shot which is Mirabel's expression.


Gotta love those burros hehe.


I LOVED the mood established here by my supervisor. I was able to bring this shot further to life by tweaking various parts such as Bruno and Mirabel, the plant in the center as well as the volume atmosphere behind them.


This close up of Mirabel is my all time favorite. Not only did I get to explore shaping her face with the lighting but I was also able to add depth to her eyes.


Here I was able to explore lighting the fire flame and adding flicker effects to the pile of sand. Really exploring how flames behave in the physical world.


This shot I would say I felt showed my growth overall as a lighter in Disney. This was the most complicated and fun shot I was able to light and troubleshoot. I was able to solve tricky issues and please the directors on its final look.


Mirabel was very angry here...


I explored the heavy use of atmosphere here as well as tweaked the shot enough to where it has a nice vignette framing Isabela.


Working on Isabela's eyes was a great way to explore the wonders of how detailed we can make them and add more emotion to their animation. 

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