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Meet the Team! 

Welcome! El Diablo Cojuelo short film is in production and being created by 3 School of Visual Arts Students in the Computer Art, Animation and Visual Effects Department! This film is inspired by Kayleen's Dominican culture where a young girl named Yadira, takes on the challenge of reviving the Diablo Cojuelo's passion for music! 

Gabriel AguirreEditor
Responsible for creating the previs, rigging and most importantly animating our amazing characters and bringing them to life!

Kayleen Acosta -Director
Responsible for creating Yadira entirely from model to look development and XGen. Also in charge of props modeling, environment modeling and layout, and texturing. As well as lighting and compositing which is my specialty! 

Josette OrtegaProducer
Responsible for creating the creature of the Diablo Cojuelo, sculpting organic props such as vegetation for the jungle, and texture work as well.

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