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Disney's Strange World


Disney's "Strange World" (2022)

Working on Strange World was definitely an interesting ride. It had its moments of joy, complications, frustration and well, relief for being able to finish everything. My supervisor, the truly amazing Amol, was able to guide me in the right direction and allowed me to truly take control of several shots. It's amazing how small a world the animation industry is because Amol was actually my lighting mentor for the Rise Up Animation Mentorship program.

With our already developed connection as mentor and mentee, and having worked on a few shots with him as well on Encanto, I was able to truly confide in him and express my desire to continue to challenge myself on newer and more complicated shots. Thanks to this, I was able to make the most of Lighting and Compositing on Strange World. :)


Shots I worked on! 

Updating blog section in more detail soon! 

Updating blog section soon! 

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