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School of Visual Arts 2020 graduate 
Computer Art, Animation and Visual Effects

Saludos! Y bienvenidos a todos! 

Hi! My name is Kayleen Acosta Rodriguez! I am a CG Lighter and Compositor based in the NYC area. I have been incredibly blessed to have worked at the Walt Disney Animation Studio (remotely) on several feature films such as Encanto, Strange World, Wish and Baymax! on Disney+. I have also freelanced for HOPR studio as well as Hornet, both commercial CG studios in NYC. 

Future plans: Travel to the Philippines and Japan beginning fall 2024 with my loving partner (who was born in Cebu Philippines) . We can't wait to spend time with his family in Cebu and visit Japan again! I was blessed to live in Japan for a few months in 2022 with an amazing host family in Osaka! We're excited to return and explore all of the beauty that both Japan and the Philippines has to offer! 楽しみですね!




My Passion: 

As a Dominican-American, I allow myself to truly express my culture in everything I do. I made the decision to keep both of my parents' last names in everything I create in the animation industry to fully represent my family, my culture and every young Latino who dares to dream.

I am fluent in both English and Spanish and currently have been studying Japanese for over 8 years, hoping to move on to my next language, Cebuano, the language spoken in Cebu-Philippines. 


Hello everyone!

For visitors who aren’t exactly sure what I do as a Lighter and Compositor, feel free to visit my blog post for my personal project “The Procrastinator”. Here, I explain in detail exactly how I brought to life a 2D drawing. :)

Feel free to contact me!

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