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Disney's Baymax!


Disney's "Baymax!" (2022)

Moving onto Baymax! After having worked on my first film Encanto was such a rush! Being a Disney+ series did not diminish the love everyone each put into their shots. The attention to detail, passion and enthusiasm was implemented to this production just like the feature films. 

Before starting, I made a list of things that I needed to work on within my skill set as a Lighter. This allowed me to focus on tackling my weaknesses and hone in on some of the things that I was struggling with during Encanto. Some of these included, difficulty lighting darker skinned characters, environment lighting, staying consistent to surrounding shots, and better pacing. 


Baymax was incredibly fun to work on and the journey was most definitely an incredible learning experience! My growth continued as a Lighting artist, my eye got better and overall, my thirst for growing got stronger.

Shots I worked on! 

Updating blog section in more detail soon! 

Updating blog section soon! 

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